Things I’m loving this week

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America The Beautiful Pass. We’re going to three National Parks this summer. At $35 a car for admission at each park, it makes sense to buy a one-year park pass for $80. If you’re over 62, it makes even more sense to buy a senior lifetime pass for $80 and enjoy all the parks forever for the price we’re paying for one calendar year.  There are over 2,000 parks and federal sites covered by the pass.

pole valut1

Pole vaulting. Tuesday was the first time I got to see Lauren actually vault. It was pretty cool. She didn’t clear the 6-foot level (yet), but…it was fun to watch her try. Takes a lot of guts to do that sport! It was even more impressive when the upper-class boys started flinging themselves 10 and 11 and 12 feet in the air.


Bluebird houses. The girls volunteered at the Headwaters Park egg hunt on Saturday and they each brought home a bluebird house kit.  I’m excited about the prospect of having baby bluebirds…and worried about the furry serial killers that prowl my yard. *adds jingle bells for cat collars to shopping list *


“Becoming” by Michelle Obama. I put off reading this because I just didn’t want to be reminded of all that we had lost and, also, I don’t love biographies because I usually find them boring and a slog to read.  This book, though, was not only well-written and interesting, but kept me turning pages even though I knew how the whole thing turned out. *sniff*

easter eggs

Kids that are still kids. I love that they still want to color Easter eggs and they still want us to hide their baskets and that Kelly still loves to wear bunny ears. Why rush to grow up anyway?  Adulting sucks.

Things I’m not loving this week

Deceptive sun. It seems cruel when the sun is shining and it looks so beautiful outside, but then you walk outdoors and the wind tries to bite your face off. I’m ready for sunshine to equal warmth.


A twisted ankle. So this happened on Sunday. *sigh* But, quick action seems to have led to a speedy recovery. Fingers crossed because I’m doing the D.C. Women’s Half Marathon in two weeks. Here’s hoping I can resist the urge to burn the whole damn city down…..