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stitchfix card

Stitch Fix. The concept of a personal shopper sending hand-picked clothes to me never appealed to me until several things happened: a few trusted girlfriends told me they use Stitch Fix and they love it, another friend began working as a stylist for StitchFix (story coming on that), I started freelancing my butt off (i.e. I’ve got a little disposable income), I have lost my time/motivation to wander around clothing stores, and I learned I can schedule a fix every three months instead of every month. So…I gave it a try, and I loved everything they sent me. I had to exchange the capris they sent for a smaller petite size and, sure, when you look the price of everything individually, it does seem expensive (I’d never have paid $68 for capris at the store), but…it came to my house and it all looks great on me and some of it is stuff I’d have never picked for myself. So….yeah, I’m keeping my fix.  Also, they come with these cards that give you options to wear the item with things you might already have in your closet. If you are going to give it a try….hit me up, I’ve got some tips on filling out your style guide and I’ll give you a code and we BOTH get $25 off our next fix.

endurance pack

Orange Mud hydration vest. I hate carrying water when I run. I’d much rather stash it along the course or plan a route that allows me to get a drink along the way, but….when you’re running through the woods for hours on end (like I will be as I train for the Oil Creek 50K I hope to get into), you need to carry water. A running friend turned me onto Orange Mud and when I looked at the site, I immediately clicked off (I can’t afford a $150 vest!), but…then she alerted me to a clearance sale on last year’s models and I picked this one up for $75, which is a little less than the Nathan one I was going to buy. I wore it on an 8-mile run, just to try it out and…I have to say it was awesome. It didn’t move, it didn’t chafe (I was wearing long sleeves, but…), it didn’t bother me, and it didn’t even make me too hot as it only covers the top of your back, not your entire back like the Nathan pack or Camelbak does.


National Park Facebook page.  A week or so ago, I reached my limit of bad political news. There’s only so much I can take and so I went through and unfollowed or “snoozed” many of the sites I follow that post political news, memes, etc. and in their place, I “liked” all of the National Parks that we are planning to visit this summer. My newsfeed is a much less stressful and more pleasant place to visit now. #happilylivinginoblivion #Ijustcantanymore #focusonthepositive


Barred owl viewing. Lauren and I got a glimpse of a pair of barred owls that live in the woods around the college when a photographer friend and member of the college’s M&O staff showed me where the female is nesting. The male is never too far from her as he’s got a mouth to feed. Nature is pretty amazing. It makes me happy. I took the pix above with Andy’s camera — his photos are way better.

Things I’m not loving this week

Easter basket shopping. It’s fun to buy the girls a bunch of little things to fill their baskets, but all those $3 to $5 items add up to like $100 pretty quickly. Sigh.

Cats nesting in my closet. It’s a never-ending battle to keep my cats from crawling behind all the Tshirts and sweatshirts on the shelves in each corner of my walk-in closet. I wouldn’t really care, but they coat everything with fur. Ugh! (First world problems, I know.)

Laundry. With two teens and three runners in the house, laundry is the job that never ends..it just goes on and on, my friends….