Things I’m loving this week

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United Airlines.  I’ll give you the short version of this story: I screwed up and was looking at losing about $1,500 on “nonrefundable” tickets or….at the very least, losing $800 in penalties (rebooking fees) if I used the credit from my nonrefundable tickets to purchase new ones. I called United Airlines customer service, fully prepared to beg, cry, plead…whatever it took (and you know that’s not me). I was disheartened when my call was answered by a woman in another country who was working at a call bank. I understood about every 3rd word she said and , but….she understood me…and took pity and she and her supervisor were able to use their discretion to help me out.  I was totally grateful because they could’ve just reminded me that I agreed to all these terms and they’re really sorry, but rules are rules. So….  #flyunited


25 years. It seems impossible that we have been married for 25 years now because I still feel like I’m about 32 years old, but…the calendar doesn’t lie and 3.23.19 is 25 years after 3.23.94, which is when we got married, so….  The years have been good to us, as are filters that make us look as young as we were when we got married.


Pressed Book Store. So, I’ve been meaning to stop by Erie’s newest (?) independent book store for quite some time, but never seem to be over that way when it’s open. Last week, however, I went there to attend my friend Cyndie’s book signing (“Dream Wide Awake” and “The Suicide Gene” by CJ Zahner) and I fell in love with the place. They have the coolest array of gifts, including those coasters above. Oh, and they have lots of books, too, Also coffee! All my favorites. I’ll definitely be back, especially if I’m looking for a unique/fun gift.

The way Blue drinks. This cat is mostly a total asshole, as many cats are want to be, but…he’s never cuter then when he’s drinking water (out of Sam’s bowl, of course, because, did I mention this?, Blue is a jerk.)

Things I’m not loving this week


Creepy-ass FB. Dan and I ran around Walmart the other night looking for ingredients for an Icelandic cheesecake that Lauren is making for some class for extra credit. (I know…never a dull moment with that one). One of the items they actually DID have was Icelandic yogurt, which we bought. Then, lo and behold, look which ad shows up on my Facebook page the very next morning!  I don’t eat yogurt, let alone Icelandic yogurt….but after purchasing it yesterday, it shows up on my FB feed? Does Walmart share our purchases? How did they know it was me? This is truly freaking me out.

You know. And, I’m not even going there. I can’t. I’m tapping out.