Things I’m loving this week


Champion sports bras. You can buy $50 (or more) Under Armour sports bras, but I’ve found the best ones are Champion sports bras and they’re less than $25. I have several that I’ve been wearing for years and they’re still holding things in place.  (They sell many varieties….for running, look for a compression bra for high impact workouts).

purse hook

Purse hook. Now that I have a pricey purse, I don’t want to put it on the floor of my car because…ewww…. So I stumbled upon these cool little purse hooks for the car. Just $8 for two of them, so I have one for Dan’s truck, too. He’s going to love that. 🙂


Puppies! There’s a new pup in the Cass clan. Meet Riley. She’s hungry….  (No, it’s not ours. Riley belongs to my brother- and sister-in-law up the road from us).


Sister love. It’s almost showtime for Kelly’s H.S. musical and that means that everyone involved is angry, snappy, tense, tired, sick and….well, it’s been a long ass week. Kelly had an especially bad night the other night and her sister made her a smiley face pizza. I mean…how better to say “I love you” than pizza, right?  (BTW….if you want to see Sunset Boulevard you can find more info here.)


Sweet Kelly. I got home from doing an interview for a freelance story on Friday night to find this sweet St. Paddy’s cupcake. It’s was mint…and it was delicious!

Things I’m not loving this week

45. Just when you thought he couldn’t sink any lower….he finds a new low.

Private schools sports.  I wish there were a filter so I could block all Prep/Villa sports news from my local newspaper’s website. Oh, they won every championship again? Big surprise since they take the best athletes from every school in the district. They should only compete with other schools like them or be required to do what coop schools do and add half the enrollment of every school district from which they draw an athlete, which would automatically kick them way up where they won’t be able to dominate with their advantage.