Things I’m loving this week


Bear Brook podcast. It feels odd to put this under the label of “things I’m loving” because this podcast is about an unidentified family stuffed into barrels on the edge of Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire and the serial killer who put them there. But, it’s an intriguing story that is really well told. I binge listened to in just a couple of days.


Cleaning out the basement. Again, another odd thing to put under “things I’m loving,” but this is something I’ve had on my to-do list for at least three years. Every winter I think, this is the year I’m going to tackle that basement and turn the finished side of it from the dumping ground it has become (suitcases, snowshoes, Legos, workout equipment, old chairs, etc.) into a space for the kids to hang out and watch TV/play video games, etc.  Last Saturday, I had an entire day with nothing on the schedule and I actually went down there and started. And, now, I’m not going to stop. I’ve been working on it a couple hours most nights and the progress is encouraging. It feels great every time I throw something away or put it one of the piles (to donate, to recycle, to sell).


My new blonde ‘do. Oh, yes, I did. And, I love, love, love the new cut and color.  I also love that I can “do” my hair in about 6 minutes in the morning (including blow drying).


Coffee shop humor. A friend and I ran (literally) to the Tipsy Bean on Saturday afternoon where I enjoyed these magnets (above) and a very complicated drink that involved coconut milk and butter pecan flavoring. Tipsy Bean also serves beer and wine (hence the name), but…we stuck to the hot stuff.


Wifi free nights. I sorta flipped out when I realized Lauren had spent her entire day off Monday in her room (probably watching Hulu & Netflix) and I immediately declared a wifi-free family night and confiscated the router. After all the stomping, whining, and temper-tantruming, we had a great night working on the basement together and playing old board games we found in the process.

Things I’m not loving this week

Sugar in my coffee. Something was up (short-handed?) on Wednesday at the Tim Horton’s that I frequent because the drive-thru was sooooo slow. I think I waited nearly 10 minutes for the XL coffee with half cream that ordered. But, when I got to the window she handed me a L and I was like, whatever…it’s fine…saves me 32 cents, right? I didn’t touch it until I got to work and as soon as I cracked open the lid, I knew it wasn’t my coffee because it was light and smelled sweet. I tried to dilute it with black coffee brewed in the office Keurig, but…I still ended up dumping half of it. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t even stand the smell of sugar-sweetened coffee, let alone the taste.

End of swim season. Sunday is Lauren’s very last swim meet (Eastside Y swim team championships) of the season. While I’m sad swim season is over, I’m perfectly happy to not have to spend every night running her around or sweating my butt off in natatoriums.  That said, she joined track at her H.S., so….there are probably some track meets in my future. know what else, but…honestly, I just don’t have the energy to even bitch about that man or all the corruption anymore.