Things I’m loving this week


“The Cabin at the End of the World” by Paul Tremblay. I’m only halfway through, so maybe I will hate it at the end, but…right now, I cannot stop turning the pages of this horrifying book.

kate spade

My new tote. I scoff at designer purses. Except Kate Spade. I’ve admired the clean, simple classic design of her bags for years, but could never stomach spending that much money on one. But I’ve been freelancing a lot and I’ve come to appreciate the value of well-made goods, so when a strap broke on my beloved black Nine West tote, I decided to replace it with this black beauty, who I hope will be with me for years and years.


ECCD Seedling Sale. While the snow swirled outside yesterday, I was happily thinking spring as I browsed the order form for the Erie County Conservation District’s annual seedling sale. We buy stuff every year. Unfortunately, we usually forget we planted it and then mow it/weed it, but…hey…then I get to buy more, right? It makes me very happy to buy plants in February.


The Florida Keys. Actually, I was loving these two weeks ago. Now, our group vaca is just a happy memory. I’d totally go back to the Keys, though I’m not sure I’d go with kids. I think they might be bored. But, for adults, it was a great place to hang out, read, swim, drink, and relax in the sun. We stayed in a big giant house in Marathon (of course, where else would a group of runners stay?) and spent two days at Key West (about an hours drive south of Marathon).

Things I’m not loving this week


“Elevation” by Stephen King. First, it smacked of “Thinner.” Second, it was just boring. The only good thing I can say about this book is that it was small and, so, it was a very quick read.

winter run - pisp1

Running on snow/ice. I love winter running, but not when I can’t find solid footing. It’s just exhausting and requires twice the effort for half the speed/distance.


The long hair. It’s going. Like today. Look, I love how it looks when it’s nicely styled and curly and pretty, but…it takes forever in the morning and then one windy walk to the office and it’s blown to hell and…by the end of the day, it just looks limp and dirty (because of all the “product” in it). Also, it just won’t grow much longer than what you see here. So, I’m done. For now. I’m sure I’ll get bored with short hair and grow it out again…until I get annoyed with taking care of it. It’s what I do.