Things I’m loving this week


Lauren’s fake nails.  One of the girls on the swim team has great nails. Seriously, even I have noticed them from the stands and I never notice things like that. So, of course, Lauren wanted to get acrylic nails. I initially said no, but then thought…well, she doesn’t ask for much in the way of beauty and fashion, so why not? They were just $30, which I don’t think is all that bad, and they do look pretty cool. I’m glad I’m not wearing them though. They seem like they’d just get in the way all the time. She’s rammed them into the side of pool more than a few times now and she says it hurts like hell.
winter run

Cooling down after a winter run Saturday.

Running in winter. If I had to pick a favorite running season, it would definitely not be summer. In fact, I like running in winter. I find the cold air refreshing and inspiring (it makes me run faster to keep warm. Also, I love how compression gear makes me feel (tight and warm) and I like not having to expose to much skin or worry about how my upper arms look in a tank top. I don’t like crappy footing, but I don’t mind packed snow (with Yak Tracks). This week’s single-digit temps even made it so I could run at lunchtime because it’s so cold that I barely sweat. I’ll take that over 80 degrees and 95% humidity and sweat pouring into my eyes.


A new semester for the girls. The girls’ school operates on an intensive block schedule, so they had a complete schedule change this week, which means….OMG…Trig IS OVER. The nightmare has ended. The math class from hell is done. Chalk that up to a lesson learned the hard way with a great big black mark on Kelly’s transcripts and a hit to her GPA (for a class she didn’t even need…sigh), but…whatever. It’s over. We’re never doing that again. Nope. Fool me once…

Things I’m not loving this week

Winter skin. Doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink or lotion I slather on in winter, I will still end up with dry skin. Probably because I go out and run around in bitter winds, eh?

Snapchat. I’m trying, but….I think I’m just too old for this application.