Things I’m loving this week


Birdbox. I’m not sure this belongs under things I am loving, but….I enjoyed this Netflix movie that everyone was talking about this holiday season. It kept me interested and gasping and oh-my-god-ing for like two hours.  It’s totally implausible, but it’s Sandra Bullock, so you buy it anyway.


Hair bun maker. I saw a coworker use this one day to put her hair into a messy bun in like 4.5 seconds and I was like, What. Is. That? No, I don’t have enough hair for a ponytail, let alone a bun (yet), but Kelly loves to wear buns and has enough hair for three people. So, I bought a 3-pack for $5 on Amazon to try them out. Initially, I had a hard time getting all of her hair (layered, too) into the bun, but with a little help from Dan, we got it all in there, and…I think with enough practice, I’ll be able to do it without an extra hand. Pretty cool little hair tool.

under counter lights

Under-cabinet kitchen lighting. It’s been, what, three years since we redid our kitchen, but Dan just added the icing on the cake this weekend — under cabinet accent lighting.  And, since he’s an electrician, he was able to wire it all together so it works on one switch. Sweet.  Also: Note the cross stitch that my mother-in-law gave Kelly, my little baker, for Christmas. How awesome is that?

woods in winter

Walks in the woods. When I’m super crabby, the one thing sure to lower my chances of ending up in prison on a homicide charge or rocking in the corner with a bottle of Skyy vodka is a nice long walk in the woods. Yes, even in winter. Actually, I prefer winter — no bugs, few people, near silence, much needed fresh air.

Things I’m not loving this week

45. Where should I start? Oh, why bother. That man is a raging dumpster fire. Whatever I write here will be quickly outdated by his latest unhinged tweets, so…

laura ashley

Laura Ashley heat pack. No, Lauren didn’t read the instructions, which said she was supposed to remove the soft covering before heating this warming bag, but….seriously, shouldn’t a microwavable heat bag be able to withstand a few minutes of heating without exploding?  Super disappointed in this Laura Ashley product.