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New York Times Opinion: The Trump Tax Cut is Even Worse Than You’ve Heard

“Meanwhile, since the tax cut isn’t paying for itself, it will eventually have to be paid for some other way – either by raising other taxes, or by cutting spending on programs people value. The cost of these hikes or cuts will be much less concentrated on the top 10 percent than the benefit of the original tax cut. So it’s a near-certainty that the vast majority of Americans will be worse off thanks to Trump’s only major legislative success.”

GQ: Underworld  (Why do we even have coal mines? That question is what led Jeanne Marie Laskas to spend a few weeks 500 feet underground, getting to know the men behind the invisible economy this country couldn’t live without.)

Mark Manson: Your Goals are Overrated   (This author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K” suggests your goals are bunch and that you should adopt monthly resolutions, or as they are more commonly known, 30-day challenges. And, he gives you six solid suggestions for challenges to tackle.)

Huffington Post: I was a Cable Guy. I Saw the Worst of America.