Three…er, several things I’m loving this week

Lots to love this week….

Santa’s little helper. Kelly has been helping me some handmade holiday gifts and I’m so thankful because, otherwise, that thing that seemed like a great idea in October would definitely not be happening.


Swim meets & the smile on this girl’s face.  She fights with me about going to swim practice almost every day (no lie…literally every day) and then every night when she gets into the car after practice she tells me how fun it was and how much she loves it and that she’s sorry she gave me a hard time. (#ADHD). These photos, and her first swim meet on Monday night, are proof that it’s all worth it. She is having a great time and I’m so thankful that another school so readily welcomed her onto their team and gave her a chance to be a team player! Go Grapepickers!


Boxed water. At the Santa Hustle 5K, they were distributing these, which, at first, I thought were milk to go with the cookies at the finish line, but it was boxed water — a more sustainable and recyclable option than plastic. Sweet.  I hope the ERC looks into this for the marathon/half marathon.


Gifford’s Tree Farm in Wattsburg. Nine foot, perfectly straight (albeit a wee bit skinny) white pine tree fresh cut – $22. Beat that (short of cutting one out of your own property).

My daughter’s parking skills. Kelly backed Dan’s full-size, king-cab Chevy into the garage and perfectly positioned it between a tool bench, shop vac, snowblower, my car and a bunch of bikes. No wonder he’d rather she drive his truck than me. (Though there was that incident last time I got our tree). I am so seriously impressed. I won’t even back it into the driveway or park it between two cars. I love that my daughters’ parking skills far surpass mine, and now I feel like this is something I need to work on. I mean, if a 16 year old girl can master this, I think a 47 year old woman with 30+ years of driving experience should be able to.  (I think I just found an attainable new years resolution!)

Things I’m not loving this week

Christmas song controversy. I don’t know what’s worse, that some radio station in Cleveland is declining to play one Christmas song or that it’s all anyone social media can talk about this week. WHO FREAKING CARES? Seriously…who cares? Are you aware that our president has gone full authoritarian? Do you know that other countries are now openly murdering our journalists with no consequences? Do you know that the world is on fire? How do you feel about the mass shootings that are now so common that they don’t even make it “above the fold?”  But…hey…by all means, save your true outrage for Baby, It’s Cold Outside and those who would deny you it.


Week-old dinners in the car. If there is a perfect illustration of my life living with a kid with ADHD, it’s that I was not even remotely surprised to open the back door of Dan’s truck to find a meal that Lauren was probably eating on the way to swim practice a week ago.


Impossible evenings. I’ve been avoiding dealing with Thurs., Dec. 13 for weeks, but here it is and I’m still not sure how I can accomplish all of the things I need/want to do tonight. I also have a freelance story due tomorrow.  LOL.  (Already begged for an extension on that one, though).