Three things I’m loving this week

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I added this Amazon Prime original series to my “watch list” after they walked away with a bunch of Emmy’s. This weekend, I finally had a chance to watch two episodes, and it is fabulous. The acting, the music, the setting, the costumes….I love so much about this show.

empty gym

A gym to myself. I absolutely love walking into the basement at the Eastside Y to find there is not another soul in sight. This is mostly because then I don’t have to wear earbuds and I can just put Pandora on my phone, turn it up, and sing out loud while I sweat it out. Friday nights and weekdays at 5 a.m. seem to be especially sparse.

Image result for north east pa

North East. Lauren is now on the North East H.S. swim team (cooperative agreement with her school), so I’ve got like two hours to kill most weeknights in North East and I’m not hating it (aside from item No. 2 below) because there are lots of neighborhoods to walk around and there are cleared sidewalks and street lights. There’s a library that is open late, a hometown fish/pet supplies store, a year-round ice cream shop, and a grocery store that makes me feel like I stepped back into 1993 when I enter it. It’s all just sort of awesome in a Stars Hollow kind of way.

Things I’m not loving this week

#givingTuesday. When did this become a thing? It’s not a thing. So stop with the emails. It may just be that I have an extraordinary amount of marketing and PR people that I’m friends with on social media, but I also received about 34 emails from agencies/organizations asking me for my support on #givingTuesday. Um…this is not the time of year to ask me for donations, folks. Don’t even know how I’m going to swing Christmas right now, so….

The lack of coffee shops in North East. I know all about The Bean. I love The Bean, and I would totally support The Bean, but it’s is not open in the evenings when I’m in North East killing time waiting for Lauren to get out of swim practice. And, to my horror, there is no Tim Horton’s within a 10-mile radius, so…I’m stuck with convenience store coffee, which is repulsive.


Store apps. I hate that every store (or whatever) has a smartphone app they want you to download. I’ve only got so much space on my phone and…I don’t need you tracking me all over and gathering who knows what information on me. No. Just no. I’m not doing it…even if you offer me free stuff, discounts and “chances to win” crap.