Psychology Today: Meet the Teen Who Discovered the Secret of Social Capital

George Monbiot: The Gift of Death

“Bake them a cake, write them a poem, give them a kiss, tell them a joke, but for god’s sake stop trashing the planet to tell someone you care. All it shows is that you don’t.”

NY Times: Why Teenagers Mix Drinking and Sex

“It helps to remind teenagers that their nerves are not only normal, but designed to keep them safe. “When it comes to your love life,” we might say, “having butterflies can be part of the fun. But if you find yourself in a situation that makes you really nervous, pay attention to that warning signal. The last thing you should do is start drinking to relax.”

Outside Magazine: How to Not Drive Like an Idiot This Winter (I’ve been driving in the winter for…what…30+ years now, but still found some useful info here).