Things I’m loving this week

Leaf color…finally! We had autumn on Tuesday. It was pretty while it lasted for like….24 hours. Sigh.


Our Safenet Boo Run costumes. Kelly made us into Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore with some t-shirts, fabric paint, felt, and headbands. I realized later how our characters totally matched our personalities. (Only, I’m a more sweary, less patient version of Pooh).

University Park. Took the girls to see main campus on Friday. I had actually never been there. (I know.) After seeing it, I wished I could go back to college. Remains to be seen if Kelly will venture that far from home. Meanwhile, Lauren heard about study abroad on the admissions tour and asked if she could go to Japan.

Full-service. It’s a well-known fact that I hate to get gas (just ask my husband), but now….you guys…I have a kid who loves to pump gas, even in shorts and wet hair in the freezing cold on the way home from swim practice. This parenting gig has a few silver linings, I guess.

Things I’m not loving this week

Driving to U.P.  3.5 hours of highway driving. This is the number one reason I won’t be heartbroken if neither of my kids chose U.P.  I got through with about 60 ounces of Tim Horton’s finest.

Home of the Angry and Fearful. What happened here in the former “land of the free and home of the brave?” Fear and anger are tools used by those in power to manipulate and control the ones below them. It’s effective. Just look at what’s happening here where the ruling class is heavily-armed and convinced they are being cheated out of (or in danger of losing) something that rightfully belongs to them (the good jobs, women, the best neighborhoods, wealth, etc.).