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Outside: The Glory of Otis, Fattest of the Fat Bears  (Oh, to be a bear…..)

“Bear 435, Holly, is always a force to be reckoned with despite having two cubs to care for. “Last year she had these rolls you could hide things in,” LaValle says.”

San Fransisco Chronicle: It’s Time to Fight Back Against Bullies

“It’s not really a contest between Democrats or Republicans, left or right. It’s a contest between the bullies and the bullied. It’s about the power of those who are rich, white, privileged or male — or all of the above — to threaten and intimidate those who aren’t.

And it’s about the courage of the bullied to fight back.

Donald Trump is America’s bully-in-chief. He exemplifies those who use their wealth to gain power and celebrity, harass or abuse women and get away with it, lie and violate the law with impunity, and rage against anyone who calls them on their bullying.”

Southern Kitchen: The Best Apple Varieties for Eating, Cooking, and Savoring

Eugene Ware on GoErie.com: 14 Things You May Not Have Known About Presque Isle