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Driving along one day, the dome and dashlights in my car began to blink on and off. On for a little bit. Then, off. Then a flash on and flash off.

I figured the gate was loose and had Lauren hop out at a red light and slam it shut. It didn’t fix the problem.

I figured it was a.) a loose wire, or b.) a poltergeist. Either way, I’m a busy woman with shit to do, so I kept forgetting to tell the husband about it for probably a week.

I finally caught it on video (don’t worry, Kelly was driving) remembered to show Dan: Here, this is what it’s doing.

He said he’d make an appointment at the garage. Which, I was like, dude, you’re a MASTER ELECTRICIAN and this is clearly a wiring problem. But, OK…whatever.

So, the next morning, I text him:

Me: I think the problem is that stick thing on the steering wheel. If I jiggle it, the lights flicker on & off. You know…that thing I turn the lights on with.

Dan: You mean the turning signal? Why am I not surprised you have no idea what that thing is?

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If I’m driving? Probably not.