Things I’m loving this week

Unladylike podcast.  Here’s how they describe the podcast on their website: “Hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin (former hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You) investigate how sisters are doin’ it for themselves in spite of all those unwritten but all-too-real bullsh*t expectations of how we should live our lives. Each episode starts with a question that C&C tackle through their trademark obsessive research, stories from rule-breakin’ ladies and a solid dose of delightful feminist rage.”

I know what you’re thinking: Girl, you don’t need to throw more gasoline on the fire inside of you….but I sort of enjoy fueling the flames. (Also, you know I love that logo.)

Speaking of badass women I want to be my BFFs, can we talk about Alex Borstein?

Alex Borstein’s Emmy’s speech. Never heard of this woman before I watched the Emmy’s last night, but I’m certain we could be best friends. The first words out of her mouth on the stage: “Ladies, when you use a public restroom, sit down,” she said. “If you sit, we can all sit. Stop peeing on the seat.” #truth #pleasestop #themarvelousmrsmaisel.

“Perhaps the most DGAF moment of Borstein’s Emmys night was the fact that she rewore her wedding gown from a previous marriage to the ceremony. “This is actually my wedding dress,” she told Glamour (per People).

“The marriage didn’t last but the dress did and I wanted to give it new life so now it’s my Emmys dress. That’s the truth.” She was married to actor Jackson Douglas from 1999 to 2014, People reports.

What a queen.”


LeBoeuf Creek. Creeks are my favorite place to paddle and, in the Erie area, LeBoeuf Creek is pretty awesome. Slow moving, not crowded and easily accessible from Lake LeBoeuf.

Things I’m not loving

God….there’s just so much. Open and pick three things….nearly any three things and I’m pissed about it. All I ever am is mad. I think it’s unhealthy and then I think F-that. Angry women change the world.