Three things I’m loving this week

Image result for silver queen corn on cob

Nelsons’ Silver Queen corn. I define you to find better corn on the cob than that which can be found on Route 5 at Nelson’s roadside stand. Ask for Silver Queen and you won’t even need butter.


Dress shopping for L. She has a lot of requirements: It can’t be too revealing or too short. It can’t be itchy, so lace, ribbon, and sequins are pretty much out. It can’t be pastel or bright colored. It probably shouldn’t be black and definitely not white. It should not clingy or overly form-fitting.  I like a girl who knows what she wants and all her rules make dress shopping very easy because it narrows 324 choices down to, like, 4.

1 Second Video App. I’ve been making these 1 second videos since my 44th birthday. I compile them every year on my birthday and I have a 5-minute year-in-review. The app costs a couple bucks, but its worth it. It’s easy to use and you can set up reminders so that you don’t forget to shoot something that day (and, if you do, you can use a photo or a video from another day). Why 1 Second? See this TED Talk.

Three things I’m not loving this week

Office renovations. There have been a parade of tradesmen working on our old farmhouse office building for months now. Months. HAV/AC, painters, drywallers, carpenters, powerwashers, tree trimmers, electricians. And…OMG…the constant noise. I’m trying to be cool, but this has been going on forever now…. I’m teetering on the edge of going ape-shit.

Rotten apples. I was excited that our apple tree was loaded with fruit this summer and thought we’d be all set for cider day at the Huegel’s house, but…no…almost every apple is rotten and/or bug infested. I guess I need to look into how to prevent that in the future.

Wild temperature swings. Me, to a biology professor this week: This is nuts…90 degrees two days ago, 60 today. I guess that’s Erie. Bio Prof: Nope, that’s climate change. Weather extremes are only going to get worse.