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NY Times: Why You Should Stop Yelling at Your Kids (oh…how I try…and then…they push and push and push. I’m inspired to try harder though.)

“How many times in your parenting life have you thought to yourself, after yelling at your kids, “Well, that was a good decision…”?

It doesn’t make you look authoritative. It makes you look out of control to your kids. It makes you look weak. And you’re yelling, let’s be honest, because you are weak. Yelling, even more than spanking, is the response of a person who doesn’t know what else to do.”

ProPublica: How Struggling Dayton, Ohio, Reveals the Chasm Among American Cities

NY Times: Airport Security Trays Carry More Cold Germs Than Toilets, Study Says (Eeewwww…….. but, seriously….do you think they EVER wash those? Think of all the SHOES that you take off & put in there…the next person puts in their purse or their phone…ugh.)

Reader’s Digest: 13 Good Neighbor Lessons We Learned from Mr. Rogers

NY Times: The Real Lesson of 9/11 (He went to war to avenge his brother’s death. But the only person I truly wanted to kill died 17 years ago.)