Things I’m loving this week

Crazy Rich Asians.  On a hot and rainy evening, the girls, my mom and I went to see Crazy Rich Asians because it had been getting great reviews. Also, I just needed to be in a cold, dark, dry place for a couple hours. At first, I thought the movie wasn’t living up to the hype. But, by the end of the movie, I was all Team Crazy Rich Asians. We all loved it. That’s four generations of women who loved one movie. I will say it’s definitely a chick flick, though I think guys would enjoy it on a date night. (It’s PG13, too, so…safe for the preteens/teens).

Photo from The Recipe Critic

Slow cooker chicken tortellini soup. I made this last week before it got God-awful hot again and it was not only easy, but tasty. In fact, my entire family liked it. And, that NEVER happens.  If I make it again, I will put in half the amount of chicken that it calls for because I feel like 1.5 pounds was far too much.

Coffee Cupcakes. Kelly made these for my birthday and I think they’re the best yet. But…then, I do love coffee.

My Nancy Drew bag. Free with a three-book purchase at Barnes and Noble.

Things I’m not loving this week

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Kavanaugh and this sham of a confirmation hearing. I just don’t understand how a “president” who is under federal investigation can appoint TWO supreme court justices for life. 45 is in office because he cheated to get there…and now, we’ll be stuck with TWO…TWO of his white boy judges. God help us all, but especially help women and minorities who suffer under this oppressive ruling class (soon to be the minorities…if they aren’t already).

Kayaking in rough water.  I can never tell if the lake/bay is going to be choppy before I get there. This Labor Day, it was churning a bit, but we decided to brave it. I made it about an hour before I got too freaked out and worried about capsizing. I’ll grow a pair, eventually…but for now…I’m sticking to calm waters.


This T-shirt order form that came home from the girls’ public school, where they, apparently, stand for the flag….but maybe not so much for democracy or freedom of speech or the right to peaceful protest or equal rights for ALL citizens.  I don’t support blind faith in anything/anyone and I sure don’t support nationalism…I prefer free thinking people who love their country enough to speak up and demonstrate when they see injustice.