Things I’m loving this week

lauren back to school

Lauren’s official B2S photo

Back-to-school photos on Facebook. I love the late-August reprieve from the usual FB posts and article shares. Even though it makes me feel old to see all my friends’ kids grow up…I enjoy not looking at 45’s bloated orange face all day, which is what, sadly, seems to dominate my feed these days.


Trail running. I used to not like trail running for the very reason that I’m loving it right now — it requires constant focus on the few feet in front of you. You are forced to “be in the now” and not zone out or drift off in your thoughts. And, it’s something that I need in my life right now because I’m totally overthinking everything these days. The more I trail run, the more enjoy it: I love being in nature, I love mud on my calves, I like the slower pace (you can’t run road-pace on trail), the softer surface is easier on the body, and it’s cooler running in the shade of the forest.

Erie. Here was my morning/afternoon on Saturday: The girls and I got up and volunteered at the Beat Beethoven 5K, then enjoyed a free Erie Philharmonic concert in Perry Square. Then, I dropped the girls off at Blasco Library for a Teen Club event—sailing on Lake Erie aboard the Lettie Howard. While the girls were sailing, I headed for Presque Isle State Park, where I did a four mile hike on the Sidewalk Trail before I went back to the lagoons, unloaded my kayak and paddled around for two hours. As I drove along the lake shore back to the library, I pondered the six potential evening activities — show at All and Act, show at the Erie Playhouse, show at Mercyhurst University, kayaking to see the purple martin roost, bike ride along eastside connector to Sara’s, walk on the bayfront and dinner at the Plymouth — and thought about how lucky we are to live here.  On any given weekend—heck, most weeknights—there are so many fun things to do that I’m overwhelmed with choices. I love this town. Sorry, not sorry.

Things I’m not loving this week

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The return of heat & humidity. Last week’s cooler weather was a nice reprieve and I even bought the ingredients to make chicken tortellini soup. It’s still sitting in the fridge because I cannot bring myself to make, let alone eat, hot soup when it is 92 degrees outside.