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Outside Magazine: How to Teach Girls They Don’t Have to Be Nice

Positive Outlooks: 7 Stylish She Shed Ideas to jump-start your own sanctuary of peace (I really, really, really need a sanctuary of peace….)

New York Times: How Not to Let Your Phone Ruin Your Vacation

USA Today: What’s going on with Donald Trump? Psychologist explains the president’s lies, reversals

“Trump is capable of only a minimal level of analytical or critical thinking. Perhaps more alarming, our president — the putative leader of the free world — doesn’t believe in anything and he rarely, if ever, means anything he says. The impulsive tweets, the conservative court appointments, the unfunded tax cuts, the obsession with a wall, the swipes at immigrants — all are byproducts (dross, if you will) of sympathetic audience control operating in small time windows. There are no principles operating here, just gusts of wind.”