Things I’m loving this week

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Ginger G lace swing dress. I don’t know where I found the first one, but I bought it for Kelly — a simple off-white lace sleeveless swing dress. I tried it on and loved it, so I googled it the other day to buy one for myself and found it for sale on ebay and poshmark in black and pink, too, and promptly scooped them up. It’s a perfect summer dress good for anything from work to a picnic to a wedding. It looks great with a jean jacket/shirt, too (though it’s been far too hot for that lately).

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Shakespeare Summer Nights. There’s just something about sitting on a hill in the grass at Frontier Park and taking in a little culture. You missed the performances of Macbeth, which were this Mon.-Wed., but you can still see Standup Shakespeare this coming week, July 23-25 at Frontier Park’s bandshell from 7 to 8:30 p.m.  It’s free, but bring a couple bucks to put in the collection basket at the end of the performance. Also bring a chair or blanket, bug spray, sunscreen, a cold drink, and snacks (if you want)….just clean up after yourself, of course.


Kittens! Kelly’s piano teacher got a kitten, which means I get to play with the little tiger every week while Kelly works on scales and such. I’ve never met a kitten that likes to play more than this one. He never stops in the 45 minutes I’m there and refuses to let me cuddle him, though I have forced a few kisses on him.

Things I’m not loving

A traitor in the White House. I don’t even know what to say….I mean….what can you say? The President of the United States sold us out in Helsinki, sided with Russia and their dictator, and betrayed the U.S. Intelligence workers and military commanders. It was so bad that even Fox News (the presidential propaganda station) was disgusted.

Amazon Prime Day.  That whole thing is kind of a mess. It’s like shopping at Gabe’s or some other discount warehouse where shit is just all over the place. Who has all day to click, click, click to save a few bucks.

A gym without air conditioning. I went to the Downtown Y to walk while Lauren was at a meeting at the library. I much prefer to walk outdoors along the waterfront, but…it was hot and humid and I could not take another moment of the sun on my face, so I figured I’d go to the Y and walk on a treadmill in the A/C. Except there’s no A/C at the Downtown Y. I almost left and just went to Tim Horton’s, but….I sweated it out in my cotton T-shirt and capris.