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It was about 86 degrees and we had just finished our second round of bleachers, snaking up and down the 9,000 (at least it feels that way) silver steps lining the football field we work out in, on and around on Tuesday nights.

While we caught our breath, I mentioned to a friend that Lauren had a birthday coming up that week.

“How old is she going to be?”

“13,” I managed to gasp out.

A few seconds later, I said…”No, 14.”

A few seconds after that, “Wait…oh my God, she’s going to be 15.”

I could blame it on oxygen deprivation. My mind was simply unable to handle doing any sort of math at that point. But, I seem to get stuck on certain ages.

Like, in my mind, I’m 32. I’m perpetually shocked when I have to write my age down on a race entry form and think…OMG, am I actually 46? That’s very close to 50. Shit. When did that happen?

Well, it happened in the time my 3 and 5 year olds were becoming 6 and 8 and then 11 and 13 and now 15 and 17.

Every year my oldest brother and I compete in a duathlon — a run-bike-run event. He bikes, I run. We’ve both slowed down and I’m not sure I can even say we really “compete” anymore, but we do our best. Anyway…I just filled out the application for our team and when I wrote down his birthday I realized he’s going to be 60.

SIXTY. My brother is going to be 60 and that just blows my mind…almost as much as the fact that I’m almost 50, my mom is nearly 80, Kelly is almost off to college, and Lauren will able to drive a car next year.

I mean…WTH?

They say that kids keep you young and in some ways, I suppose they do. But, in other ways, they make you feel very, very old. They are living, breathing and constant reminders that the years are going by.  In days, hours, minutes, and moments at a time.

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