Things I’m loving this week

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My big Bubba. This 40-ounce insulated water bottle is the only thing keeping me alive in the A/C-free second floor farmhouse I am working in this summer. I fill it up with ice before I leave home and replenish the water all day. It can sit in the sauna that is my office all day and it never sweats (unlike me). By the end of the day, I still have ice, which I chew …loudly. Cause this overheated girl just don’t care about office etiquette anymore. BTW — I got my Bubba at the Harborcreek Walmart on clearance for $7.

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Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. It’s sick and twisted, but it’s Stephen King, so…  I am so hooked on this cat-and-mouse game between a retired detective and a man who drove a Mercedes at full speed into a crowd of job seekers. I’m ripping through it faster than Bill Hodges can plow into pedestrians (too much?). I didn’t even know there is a TV show based on this book, but then I wouldn’t because I haven’t had any form of pay TV in twenty-plus years (not counting Netflix).


GoodR sunglasses. I bought a pair of Ham-Cured Cramps GoodR sunglasses for running, but now I wear them all the time. I want them in a rainbow of colors. They’re fun, affordable, fog-free, and they have super cool names like “Donkey Goggles” and “Gardening with a Kraken.” Want to know more? I wrote a review of them on my Runner’s Notes blog.

Things I’m not loving this week

Hang on, kids, we’re going back to 1956….

This supremely bad pick for the Supremes. But…whatever…seems the be the way this country is going right now….backwards at a high rate of speed. It’s like being on the Music Express ride at Waldameer when they flip it in reverse. Only there’s not cool music and we can never seem to get it to go forward again or get the f*** off.

Pants. I’m finding it nearly impossible to put on pants and work in my office, which has no A/C this summer. It’s all skirts and sleeveless tops for me (and you know how much I hate my arms, so….I’m THAT hot).