Things I’m loving this week

Cheap vanilla. If you live with a baker, the one thing you must bring home from a trip to Mexico is vanilla. I bought home three of these giant bottles that were just $6 each. I just paid $4 for a 2 oz. bottle of imitation vanilla at Aldi’s so….you see why this stuff is worth the weight in your suitcase.

Snorkeling. I could seriously spend the rest of my life looking at what’s below the water’s surface, especially in Mexico with all of it’s underground rivers/caves, lagoons, and, of course, the ocean (though we didn’t snorkel in the ocean because it was too rough when we were there).

Xcaret Park. If you’re ever in Mexico, this is the excursion to do. In fact, if you can afford two days there (time and money wise), you may want to do so as it’s impossible to fit everything that you can do there into one day (we tried…and failed…it’s exhausting).

Family. They can make you crazy, but they are literally the only thing that means much of anything. I’m lucky to have a big family and to have married into another great (and big) one.

BONUS: If you haven’t watched James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke with Paul really should. Seriously. Best episode ever.


Things I’m not loving this week

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Justice Kennedy’s retirement. I cannot believe Kennedy just did this to us. I cannot believe he is giving Trump the opportunity to make America into Gilead. Say goodbye to religious freedom and gay marriage and welcome back blending of church-and-state and back-alley abortions. Giving a misogynist, racist, hateful, narcissist the opportunity to pack the courts with conservatives is going to effect us for decades. If this country even has that long.  (Hyperbolic? No…this is happening…bad things are happening.)

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Adjusting back to sleep deprivation. One thing I always notice after a week vacation (or more) is how great it feels to get adequate sleep. It’s amazing what 7 or 8 hours can do for a body. I always vow to find a way to continue getting 7 hours once I go back to work, but it’s impossible. I’d have to go to bed at like 8:30 p.m.

Frontier Airlines. Exorbitant baggage fees (including carry-on), rude employees, no free drinks/snacks on board. Also, our flight was delayed by 5 hours and they busted my hard-sided Samsonite luggage (and will only reimburse me $95 for it). I’d say I’m never flying them again, but I probably will because they gave me a $100 voucher (for the flight delay) and we’re planning a November racecation in Florida. I’m totally taking my wrecked suitcase though…not giving them a shot at a new one.