Things I’m loving this week

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Have a Little Faith video series. Nadia Bolz-Weber is a tattooed, weight-lifting, liberal, foul-mouthed, middle-aged, female Lutheran pastor who “speaks to fed-up believers.” If you read this blog, you know damn well she speaks loud and clear to me (born and raised a Lutheran, before I decided I just wasn’t buying it anymore.) Despite my aversion to organized religion, I love this video series that Nadia did with titles like “Why You Should Forgive Assholes.”  I’ve not watched them all yet because I’m trying to resist my binging tendencies and watch them one at a time so I can savor them.

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Watermelon. I could eat watermelon every day. (And probably will until, like, September).  Also, I’m immensely thankful that they are now primarily seedless. In fact, I have to remember to add that to my gratitude journal because that is one genetic modification I am truly thankful for.

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Furry office visitors. I love when dogs or babies visit the office. I love even more when baby dogs visit the office. LOOK AT THIS PUPPY. LOOK at HER SMILE. Her name is “Justice,” which I also love. I love a lot of things after I pet a puppy for awhile. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

proch sitting

Summer thunderstorms. On sunny summer days, I feel obligated to be outside. I feel guilty doing stuff in the house or sitting around reading a book or NOT hiking, biking, running, kayaking during our short summer season. Rain and thunderstorms give me a reprieve and let me get some work done in the house and/or reading done on the front porch.  Also I’m loving this book I’m reading.

Things I’m not loving this week

Windows Media Player. Is there a more useless or frustrating computer program in the world? Oh, wait…there’s iTunes (So, that’s a yes).  Just try and burn an audio CD from either of those programs and you will probably just curse for 45 minutes before you give up and beg a Millennial to help you. Yes, I still listen to CDs in my car. I’m old and set in my ways like that.  #genX #wishwestillusedcassettes

Wind. I would love to go kayaking and I can go anytime I want now that I have a rack on my car. I’ve even had some free time in the last two weeks, but….IT IS ALWAYS FREAKING WINDY. I feel like I live in Chicago. And, wind = choppy water. Maybe I could get away with ‘yaking on a small lake or river, but Lake Erie is out of the question when Mother Nature is blowing the water in the bay all over the place.

45 and the chaos that is our Goverment: God…there’s so much to hate in D.C. this week, as always: His lies, his tweets, his missing wife (and his reaction to it), his press secretary who does nothing but lie to the public, his inhumane treatment of immigrants (“illegal” or not…we don’t BEHAVE this way in the United States, his whining that the Eagles weren’t coming because they’re mad about the anthem thing when IN FACT …every player stood for the anthem at every game this year. I could go on and on….lord knows I could go on & on & on….and it’s only Thursday.