Things I’m loving this week


Flowering trees. The college campus I work on is rife with flowering trees and bushes and they are all blooming now. A walk through campus is not only pretty, but sweet smelling, too.


Fair weather feathered friends. The abundance and variety of birds in Erie, Pa., this time of year is just phenomenal. I caught this tree swallow enjoying some grape jelly from my mom’s oriole feeder.


Vocal Ensemble. They girls voted to wear long dresses for their H.S. Vocal Ensemble concert and I realized as soon as they came on stage that they had inadvertently dressed in a rainbow of colors.  Vocal Ensemble is an additional chorus class that offers more intensive voice instruction & one-on-one vocal lessons. Lauren sang a duet with her friend Brynn and Kelly sang an Italian opera song.


Homemade Mother’s Day gifts. Kelly harnessed the power of Pinterest to make me three gifts (above) and coordinate the painting of many clay flower pots for another gift she made for the grandmothers (below). I also got a kayak rack for my car — woohoo!!!

Things I’m not loving this week


8 ball

Lauren’s broken phone. Yes, it was an accident (she fell going down the stairs and landed on her butt with her phone in her pocket)….but….I’m having an awfully hard time shelling out another $100+ for a phone for a kid who is prone to breaking them. At this point, her options are: Choose a less expensive phone, find a way to make $150 herself, or ask the Magic 8 Ball all her burning questions instead of Google.

Our entire federal government. I don’t know know where to start..and really, I hate to list anything because by the time this posts, there will probably have been three new scandals. It’s just EVERY SINGLE DAY. And, it’s exhausting. How much can we stand? This entire country is going to be on drugs before 45 pisses off the wrong dictator and we all end up dead so he can look tough.