Things I’m loving this week


Federal Hill Smokehouse. If you love BBQ and you’ve not gotten yourself to the Federal Hill Smokehouse at 26th and Peach streets for lunch yet….put it on your summer to-do list. Smokey meats, yummy sides, and lots of flavorful calories await. A one-meat meal with two sides is just $9.  (Get the mac-n-cheese!) I opted for the lean brisket with sweet BBQ sauce and it was delish. Probably about 2,000 calories,but….whateves. Oink…oink!

Hiking in the woods. When my Sunday circuit session was thwarted (see things I’m not loving), I decided to stop at the bottom of Wintergreen gorge and hoof it up the hill the hard way (along the ridge) to the top and around and back. I forgot A.) how much of a workout hiking can be, B.) how peaceful it is to walk alone, C.) how much I love being in the woods.  Also….I stumbled upon this wisdom (above) carved into a tree. I could point out the irony of carving a message about kindness into a living tree, but….we’ll just focus on the positive here.
Mother’s Day. What could bring these sisters together on one blanket in the sunshine for hours without fighting? Making Mother’s Day gifts for the grandmothers. This peaceful-sister Sunday afternoon is the only gift I need.
The Little Mermaid at the Academy Theatre in Meadville. I’ve seen a lot of live local theatre and this is easily one of the best — if not the best — I’ve ever seen. The costumes, sets, bubbles, venue, actors…it’s all just so good. You’ve got one more chance to see it as they’ve extended the run through this weekend. It’s worth the ticket price and the drive!
Things I’m not loving this week
Y-free Sundays. The Eastside Y is now closed on Sunday afternoons because: summer. I get it and yet I think…c’mon…is that a wise decision with both Planet Fitness and Snap Fitness within two miles of your gym and hot to steal your clients? There’s a circuit class I like on Sundays—one of the few free ones they offer—and now that’s out.
Books that make too many leaps. I hate when a book jumps from narrator to narrator without telling me who is talking or jumps from one time period to another without warning…it just confuses me and then I have to go back and try and find the thread. I’ll only do it one or twice before I just quit on the book…there are too many others I want to read to waste time trying so hard to follow one.
Spring garden cleanup. The first round of weeding/leaf/dead foliage removal from the flowerbeds is the worst. Now, to get bark down before I have to go around through the beds again…