Things I’m loving this week

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Tabata Timer app. The Y changed the time of their free Circuit City (HIIT) classes and they just don’t seem to be working for me now. So I made a list of exercises and decided to do my own circuit workout, but…it’s hard impossible to keep track of time when you’re working out. So, I downloaded the Tabata Timer app and it was simple enough for me to figure out. I like that it allows me to customize my own workout, keeps track of my workouts and I can listen to Pandora while the app runs. You can also download/upload a playlist, but that’s just too much effort for me.

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Show Time! After months of practices (and months of running kids back & forth to the school), it’s finally show time! This year. Kelly plays a mom and Lauren is a dancer…a swing dancer…..a male swing dancer, actually (apparently they didn’t have enough boys). Too bad my dad isn’t still around…he’s have liked this show as it’s a big-band musical set in the 1940s.


Smoked salmon. I bought a big ol’ half a salmon because it was on clearance at the grocery store. Dan smoked it for many hours and….oh, my gosh, is it good. I keep it in the fridge, hack off a hunk and heat it up for meals. Mmmmm……I’m  glad nobody else in my house likes fish because it’s mine…all mine.

Things I’m not loving this week

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Snow/weather. I’m trying to stay positive, but I’m going to lose my shit if this winter from hell doesn’t end soon.

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Sugar-free salad dressing. I’ve gotten into a lot of bad habits, so I’m doing the Whole 30 thing this month. That means no grains, no sugar, no dairy …for 30 days. I can live without 90% of grains, dairy and sugar, but….there is nothing that tastes good on salads that is dairy/sugar free. (BTW..on Whole 30…any sugar substitutes, natural or otherwise, are out too).  I use balsamic vinegar and hot sauce and it doesn’t hold a candle to ranch dressing.