Things I’m loving this week

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Burlington Coat Factory. We have great luck finding dresses at Burlington. Kelly—the dress lover—wanted an Easter dress. I—the cheapskate mom—hate spending money on special occasion dresses. Enter Burlington where Kelly can usually find a dress that her penny-pinching mom will pay for. This year’s Easter dress — $10. No lie.

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The IT Help Desk. I’ve been working at Penn State Behrend for seven (or is it eight, now?) years and I had no idea I could get help with my personal computer problems at the students IT Help Desk for free. (Well….you would pay for parts, if needed, etc.). I dropped my fairly-new laptop on the cord side the other day and jammed the plug thing inside. They opened it…epoxied it back in place and voila! Repaired. I have another laptop that I had stuck in our e-cycling pile because of a flickering screen that I suspect was just a loose wire. I’m dropping that baby off to see what these savvy students can do. #perksofacademia #iloveITpeople


Hanging with toddlers. I took last Friday off to babysit my neice’s daughter who is 2 1/5 years old. It was a day full of Disney movies, Fisher Price playsets, Barbies, Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sled rides….  I forgot how exhausting (and fun) toddlers are.

Things I’m not loving

Ugly spring landscapes.  Spring is definitely the ugliest season. Save for the few bulbs that pop up here & there…it’s just drab, brown, wet, and icky looking.

Demonizing children. This is just sick, but not unexpected from that set.

Rick Santorum. Why is anyone even talking to this jackass….and who cares what he thinks. He is NOT in office. He LOST the right to represent our state.