Things I’m loving this week

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Iced coffee. I’m about 10 years late to the iced coffee craze, but I recently tried a sugar-free ice coffee at McDonald’s and it was so good that I’m already thinking of excuses to stop there frequently this summer, when if it ever gets hot around here again.

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Longer days. I hate daylight savings time and it’s just painful to lose an hour, but it’s worth it to gain an hour of sunlight. As I write this, it’s nearly 8 p.m. and it’s just getting to be dusk. If we can’t have warmth, at least we can have light.

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Stormy Daniels. Whooboy, girl has got 45 in quite a pickle because of his little gherkin. At this point, legal experts say he’s in a no-win situation: Either he has to admit that he is D.D. in this lawsuit, or he has to say he’s not & then she can sell whatever it is she’s got (I’m guessing photos & videos) to the highest bidder.  While I never want to see photos of his fat white body, I admit to enjoying it this whole thing. It’s not just about a president cheating on his supermodel wife with a porn star (cause Lord knows nobody cares about that anymore) but it’s about him illegally paying hush money to a woman who witnessed several illegal activities. *pass the popcorn* #WeMayNotEvenNeedMueller

Things I’m not loving

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Bitter cold weather. Is 20 more degrees too much to ask for? Can’t we at least move into the low 50s or high 40s? This is the neverending winter.

Back/leg pain. It’s backkkk…or, rather, it probably never really went away. My body is clearly not ready to run again yet. *sigh*