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Marc and Angel Hack Life: One Insanely Popular Reason So Many of Us Are Unhappy

“So, instead of dreaming about what you want right now, first ask yourself: ‘What am I willing to give up to get it?'”

Discover Magazine: Scientists Link Arctic Heat and Northeast Blizzards

Reader’s Digest: Stories that Prove How Meaningful Thank You Notes Can Be (I’m annoyed by thank yous for gifts…because I think they are just obligatory and unnecessary if you already said thank you in person, but…I’m a fan of thank-yous for others things. In fact, I’m writing a bunch of them today to all the people I went on the ASB trip with.)

Ms. Magazine: How Billionaires Are Hijacking our Democracy and How we Can fight Them

“(They) are deeply ideological figures who truly believe that their ideas are better for the rest of us than what we would choose for ourselves. And they just have a deep disdain for the broader public and for people’s use of collective power. They have an archly entrepreneurial vision of society and of the good life. They celebrate people who are corporate leaders or technology innovators, and scorn people who do not do the kind of work that is recognized and highly valued in the market. They look down on low wage workers of all kinds, and also fail to recognize the care work that women have done historically, that hasn’t been accorded a market value but that is absolutely essential to our society and our collective well-being and the reproduction of our families and our civilization. They just take that work for granted.”

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