Things I’m loving this week

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Teenagers. The Parkland High School mass shooting student survivors appear to be doing what no adults have been able to do—force action instead of more useless “thoughts and prayers” while children are slaughtered in SCHOOL nearly every day.  I couldn’t be more proud of Generation Z right now. Gen X has got your back, kids, and we’re sorry….we’re sorry you had to be the one to fight the NRA, but I do believe you can take those old men down.

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24-hour summer. It was nearly 70 degrees for nearly 24 hours early this week. It was lovely. I busted out my short sleeves, opened my office window, and seriously contemplated sandals. It snowed the next day, but…whatever….the 70-degree day was a nice reprieve and preview of what’s to come!

Image result for wayfair  I thought we were friends. How come none of you told me about this online home decor site? It makes shopping for curtains and area rugs (we’re redecorating the living room) almost enjoyable since I can do it from my couch in my jammy pants.

Things I’m not loving this week

There are just too many things…and I just can’t:

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