Dallas News: We basically ignore school shootings now, because we will do nothing to stop them

“It’s horrifying that we can no longer call school shootings ‘unimaginable’ because the reality is they happen with alarming frequency.”

Splinter: How to Not Die In America

I am lucky not for surviving the infection, but for being a member of a shrinking class of Americans whose lives can absorb a trauma of this magnitude.

The Star: Life Without Plastic authors on how to reduce your plastic footprint (A couple of years ago, I tossed much of our plastic and replaced it with Pryex glass bowls. Sure, they still have plastic lids, but I never heat with the lid on anyway. You can get Pryex sets super-cheap at Christmastime…and, this is stupid, but…they look really nice stacked up in the fridge and you can see what’s in every bowl. Also, when you heat things, you’re (hopefully) not leaking chemicals into your food. This article has inspired me to go further…see what other kinds of plastic I can eliminate in my life. BTW…here’s another thing I do…yes, I carry these to the grocery store every week…to avoid using all those plastic produce bags).

Scary Mommy: If you feel like you didn’t do enough today, remember this. (Ha…ha…I can relate. I had a collage frame sitting on my bedroom floor for at least two years. I finally just hung it…three of the photos are the ones that came with it…keep meaning to print some photos to replace them…)