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Upworthy: Nobody Gave These Kids a Chance, Until One Former Inmate Followed His Dreams  (There’s a disturbing trend of charging teenagers as adults for having committed “adult crimes.” People want to lock them up and throw away the key — throw the book at them — but what good does that do? By definition teens are not adults. Their brains aren’t even fully developed — this is science — they don’t have the mind of an adult, and yet, our puritan culture demands vengeance and punishment. What they do is take that child’s life.)

“Without them, I wouldn’t have a second chance,” says Brian, one of the young people in the program.

But David takes that a step further. “Most people don’t understand, it’s not their second chance. It’s their first chance — they never even had a first chance.”

New York Times: Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List (He has a long history of racist behavior and statements.)

Lost Waldo: 15 Breathtaking Places Right here in the U.S. (I’ve got a new vacation bucket list…)

Rolling Stone: “Dreamers” Debunk Some of the Most Common Myths About Them

“The number one is why I haven’t filed to be a citizen. That’s the biggest one, and I think it makes me the saddest out of all of them because people really don’t understand our immigration system,” Silva says. “DACA doesn’t give me a path to citizenship; it just allows me a work permit.”