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Women’s Health: This 27-Year-Old Shared The Most Beautiful Post Right Before She Died From Cancer (click on the link in the story to read her FB post. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Now go out there and live for Holly.)

ADDitude Magazine: The Truth about ADHD and Lying (L tells a lot of tall tales and blatant untruths and it irritates me because….Trump….but this article sheds some light on why she lies…no word on why 45 is a world-class liar — a lethal mix of arrogance & ignorance, I suspect).

The Washington Post: Foreign Spies are Watching—and Probably Targeting—Fox News Channel.

“A truly aggressive intelligence effort would not just monitor what’s being said on the network. It would target the on-air talent, as well as the folks behind the scenes who make the network’s programming possible: producers, bookers, associate producers, production assistants and the like. This might range from opening friendly contacts with these employees to outright recruitment. Another avenue for exploitation: Trump reportedly calls Sean Hannity after his show. If hostile foreign services compromise Hannity’s phone (or place a listening device in the room where Hannity takes his private calls), that could provide real-time intelligence on the American president and his thoughts.”

If that doesn’t scare you enough….there’s this:

New York Times Magazine: Making China Great Again (China is stepping right in to fill our “world leader” spot as Trump retreats and retreats and retreats, giving up our seat at the head of the table. To China, Trump’s presidency is a world of opportunity. )