Things I’m loving this week

monthly log 4

Bullet journaling. I seriously love this system. I wrote all about it for the Erie Times-News. You can read my story here.  I may try keeping a separate one for work stuff in 2018.

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Dominos pizza. I remember Domino’s (in the ’80s) being thin and greasy, but we tried ordering from them a month or so ago (not gonna lie, you know it was because i had a coupon or something, right?) and they are our new family favorite. Dan and I love the Extravaganza Feast pizza and the girls get the traditional cheese-and-pepperoni with black olives on Lauren’s half. Right now, mediums are just $5.99 and two easily feed the four of us, with a couple slices leftover for breakfast.  Also….online ordering, which means I don’t actually have to speak to a human. Bonus!

Things I’m not loving this week

My spine. I know you know…I’ve been whining for months. But this is ruining my life. If I could reach back there and rip this herniated disc out, I would do it with my bare hands and a little ibuprofen.

Digital storytelling. I really want to read this story, but I cannot because I cannot tolerate this format of “digital storytelling.” I’m not going to read a longform story on a computer screen. I’m not. If I can’t print it out (and all the popup text blocks and floating content here makes that impossible), I’m not reading it. Maybe it’s just me or maybe I’m just old-school and not the audience this flashy story is meant to attract, but…seriously….can anyone tolerate reading a long story on a screen with popup text blocks and shit? #Iguessi’mcrotchetyandoldnow

Amazon Prime two-day (er….8-day) shipping? Um…did I miss something? Since when is two-day Amazon Prime shipping now 12 days? I ordered a bunch of gifts on Sunday, Dec. 3 — all Amazon Prime (cause you know I will only order that way) and….many have still not arrived. WTH? Seriously, Amazon…you’re the one that spoiled all of us.  I know….#firstworldproblems.