Three things I’m loving this week

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Tim Horton’s Holiday Tim-Bits. Latte and gingerbread Tim-Bits?! Yes, please. I love Tim-Bits because I can totally buy the kids a 10 pack, steal two, and keep lying to myself about how I never eat donuts.  Tim-Bits are so small that I don’t feel like they actually count. It’s like eating a Snickers Mini or those tiny Hershey bars. Oh, I know my pants are like…bitch, they count, but, hey, it gives me something to work for if/when I ever run again, right?


Alabama did not let us down. Well, white men (and a whole lot of white women) did, especially those “conservative Christians” who can excuse pedophiles and think a man so corrupt that he was removed from office TWICE would be a better choice than a Democrat, but…whatever… Screw, y’all. Black women took down Steve Bannon’s boy…and I could not be prouder of them.  Ladies, it’s up to us to save this country from itself, stop the boys from fighting (and whipping their willies out to show everyone…oh, they are all soooo proud of their appendages), clean up the mess they’ve made, and get this country back on track. I don’t think the men can handle it anymore; they’re too distracted by egos, money, and sex.

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A big family.  I have four siblings…and while we are all very different people (seriously, we cannot even bring up anything close to politics), when push comes to shove, we’ve got each others’ backs, which is pretty much the definition of family, right? With my dad’s myriad of health issues, I’ve never been more grateful to have a bunch of siblings (and their spouses) all living here in Erie to lean on. It may have been annoying to have so many people to share everything with when I was younger, but there are no words for how fortunate I am to have them now.

Three things I’m not loving this week

Slippy snow. I don’t know if it’s my new ride, my tires, or just the nature of the snow this past week, but I’m sliding all over the place on that soft, squishy, slushy crap.

Crooked trunks. I think that photo says it all, no?

Slippy disks.  I had five days of steroids and five days of awesome. But, I’m out of pills and the back pain is back (probably halved, but…still…). I’m not partial to getting more steroids (you know they make you fat, right? Also, they make you angry and I think we all know that is more fuel I don’t need thrown on the fire that’s been burning in me since 11.9.17), so I guess I’m going to have to suck it up and go to P.T. after all. Sigh.