A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

New York Times: The G.O.P. is Rotting. (Is rotting? I think I’d make that past tense: They have rotted.)

“The Republican Party I grew up with admired excellence. It admired intellectual excellence (Milton Friedman, William F. Buckley), moral excellence (John Paul II, Natan Sharansky) and excellent leaders (James Baker, Jeane Kirkpatrick). Populism abandoned all that — and had to by its very nature. Excellence is hierarchical. Excellence requires work, time, experience and talent. Populism doesn’t believe in hierarchy. Populism doesn’t demand the effort required to understand the best that has been thought and said. Populism celebrates the quick slogan, the impulsive slash, the easy ignorant assertion. Populism is blind to mastery and embraces mediocrity.”

Washington Post: Journalists: Forget the Rust Belt diners. Head for the suburban yoga classes (Hell hath no fury, boys. We are pissed beyond measure. And, we’re done letting you destroy this country.)

Scary Mommy: Shalane Flanagan Is Inspiring AF, Proves Every Woman Needs A ‘F*ck Yeah!’ Moment  (Every time I watch this video, and…yep…I’ve watched it more than a few times…I tear up and think “F*ck, Yeah, sister! F*ck, Yeah!”)

And…now…for something a little more gentle, but no less important….

Hands-Free Mamma: Am I Invisible? The Pain-Relieving Response to Being Rejected or Excluded

“Because what we can do individually to heal the world’s collective pain is quite miraculous. We can half the pain by being one person’s person.”