Things I’m loving this week

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Crime Town podcast. The first season of this Gimlet media podcast focused on mobsters and the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Admittedly, it’s a little hard to keep track of all the people, but the host does a pretty good job of reminding you who is who. It was fascinating, heartbreaking, and eyeopening. Movies and TV shows tend to glamorize the mob life, but this podcast showed me just how f^&*%ed up it all is. It was surreal.

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Cleaning house. I’ve been injured (back issues) and unable to run or workout, so I’ve been making good use of my free time at 5 a.m. (yes…I’m still getting up. Not going to get into the habit of sleeping in) and organizing areas around my house. I’m nearly done with our master bedroom and I’m working on my closet. It feels good to clear out some of the clutter. Not nearly as good as a 4.5 miler with my friends, but…

Levolor Sand Room Darkening Cordless Polycotton Cellular Shade

Room-darkening shades. You guys, I paid $75 for a window shade for one (yes, one) of my bedroom windows. I thought it was $45, which was bad enough, when I picked it up off the shelf at Lowes, but it matched our other shade, which had broken, and we had it cut to size. The cashier rung it up, told me the price and I said, out loud: “Holy shit. Seriously?” He was like, “Wow, is that for ONE shade?” I was like, “That cannot be right.” Dan went and checked the shelf and, yep, we had inadvertently grabbed the “room darkening” version and it was, indeed, $70+tax. I paid for it because we’d had it cut to size. And, now….I’m seriously considering blowing another $75 on another shade because I love the new one so much and because our neighbors across the street have annoying outdoor lights that are on all night long…and shine right into our bedroom window. I’ve learned to live with it, but…for another $75, I wouldn’t have to.

Things I’m not loving this week

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, I am going to stay all positive this week and not think about things that are pissing me off.

Also, I have yams and cupcakes and pumpkin dip to make and a 5K to run/shuffle/walk.