Things I’m loving this week

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Mini cucumbers. I’ve never been a cuke fan because I can’t stand the seeds and/or the mushy middles, but the mini cucumbers that Aldi’s sells in a bag (currently $2 for about 6 cucumbers) are fabulous. They are crunchy and mostly seedless, so they don’t get mushy. That said, you still can leave sliced ones in the fridge too long before they get slimy.

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Kathy’s win. There are three people who have ever made me cry at work — one is a “bishop” who is about five years dead now (and don’t think I didn’t dance on the day I found he was going to answer to his maker for all his bullish bad behavior), one man who owned an overpriced Italian restaurant, and one man (who shall not be named) who was Kathy Dahlkemper’s opponent in the Erie Co. Exec. race. He’s mean, condescending, rude, and woefully unprepared to lead anyone, so I was relieved he lost. He should’ve lost by a whole lot more, but…you know, we seem to be living in this age when everyone hates strong women and voters just want to cut off their nose to spite their face, so… I’m not surprised. Just relieved. Very, very relieved.

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Liz’s win. If there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that Liz Allen will work for the people. Woe to the fools who try to get one over on, Liz.  She’s a true public servant who cares deeply for human beings. Though I don’t live in the City of Erie, what happens there, affects all of us in the county, too, so I will rest easier knowing Liz is there watchdogging for the people. I’m thankful she stepped up. We need about 10,000 more women like her.

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Boscov’s Ponte Pants. Leggins for grown-up working women for just $20. I bought one pair, then went back and bought them in four colors.

Things I’m not loving this week

Trickily-worded ballot questions. I’m willing to bet that 95% of the people at my rural voting station had no idea what the PA property tax question on Tuesday’s ballot meant, but saw “no property taxes” and were like....”Hell, yeah!” I don’t know how these tricky questions end up on the ballot, but it should be illegal. That tax money is going to come from somewhere, and I promise you it won’t be from the wealthiest. PA residents will pay for it….in one way or another….

“A yes vote means you want the legislature to move ahead with a plan to eventually get rid of property taxes. That would really be a tax shift because it would have to likely hike income and sales taxes to offset the money lost in property tax elimination.”

Overpriced races. This is the first year in a dozen or more years that Dan and I aren’t doing a spring marathon in a big city because of the high cost of race registration fees. We’re out.

Fashion retailers. I don’t know what’s more appalling to me: that the designer would make a $735 “sheer overlay cape” out of dry cleaner bags.…or that there are probably lots of really stupid wealthy women who will buy it (and likely wear it once, then throw it away because how long can a dry cleaner bag cape really stay in vogue?). What a ridiculous waste.