Things I’m loving this week:

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Ellen Burstyn. She was an actress popular before my time, but this podcast made me a huge fan. When you listen to the things she experienced in her life, you get a real appreciation for how far women have come in the last 50 years….and how terrifying it is that it all seems to be slipping through our fingers again (thanks to the GOP’s unending war on women).

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Eminem. Yeah, I know…I should be deeply offended by him on about 15,234 levels, but…then he goes & does something like this & I’m like….he means well and I can’t really dis’ a fellow 45 hater.


Homecoming. Formal dances are kind of a hassle, but…my girls are mostly low-maintenance. I spent less than $100 on both dresses and shoes, so….I can’t complain. And, I love, love, love, love seeing all the homecoming photos on Facebook. (As opposed to all the bloody deer photos that are sure to be showing up now. Ick…I “hide” all of them.)

Things I’m not loving this week

Another tumultuous week in Trumplandia. Where should I start…there’s this crap and this crap and this crap and this crap.  I could go on, but….it’s just too depressing to look it all up. It’s just every. single. day. with this f*%^ing moron.

Disability in the U.S. The Washington Post did a four-part series on disability that was eye opening. I had no idea that “…the federal government this year will spend an estimated $192 billion on disability payments, more than the combined total for food stamps, welfare, housing subsidies and unemployment assistance.”  The four-part series (see links to each article on right) was enlightening, depressing, and alarming.

The Boy Scouts are now…the Boy/Girl Scouts. This is just stupid and, pretty clearly just a way for the Boy Scouts to prop up a failing membership. And, they’re not even changing their name, so….do you really think they’re going to tailor their programs to creating strong women leaders? No, once again, women will be “permitted to join” a men’s organization. It’s dumb and it’s going to hurt the Girl Scouts who actually DO care about building strong women and create programming specifically for them.  Not sure who wanted this….cause I’m pretty sure none of the boys or girls in scouts (or their parents) did.