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Parent.co: What it Really Means to Love Like a Mother

Medium: Thoughts on The Vegas Shooting (or Why Men Keep Doing This) (This is a non-political, thought-provoking post)

“Even though we’re in the safest period in the history of civilization, these shootings will keep happening in America. They happen every single day. Guns are a part of the problem, and so is the media. But there is a bigger problem. We are a culture that continually neglects the mental health of our boys, and our men.”

Scary Mommy: The Most Important Rule to Teach our Kids: ‘Damn it, You’ve Got to be Kind.’

The New York Times: The Flagrant Sexual Hypocrisy of Conservative Men

“The double standards employed by some members of the “do as I say, not as I do” Christian right are nothing new. Show me a senator who votes against gay marriage, and, at least in one infamous case, I’ll show you a guy who’s soliciting same-sex encounters in the airport men’s room. (Hello there, Larry Craig!)

Show me another Republican senator who made his name as a “pro-family advocate” and I’ll show you a guy whose phone number showed up in a Washington madam’s little black book. (Howdy, David Vitter!)

Show me the far-right speaker of the House, a man with perfect scores from the National Right to Life Committee and the Christian Coalition, and I’ll show you a guy who, as a high-school wrestling coach, set up a chair in front of the boys’ shower the better to ogle his protégés, and who was eventually jailed as a serial child molester. (Dennis Hastert, come on down!)”