A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

The Washington Post: Three goodbyes in three days: Why these parents watched their children die at home (OMG….this poor family).

TruthDig: The Great Flood (Probably one of the most frightening thing I’ve read in years because….it’s entirely plausible and possible and….maybe even likely.)

Rumpus: What To Do With My Body in the Event I Die in a Mass Shooting

“Lift my body off the ground and haul it from the site of my death straight to the Capitol. Parade me through the halls and bang on doors and demand that they look at what the bullets did to me. Tell them where my blood spilled, and make them stick their fingers into the wounds like Thomas into Jesus’s side. Don’t waste time trying to convince them that I was better or more worthy of dignity than any other person, because then you’re wasting your breath on a game you cannot win (all they want is win, there’s going to be so much winning). “