Three things I’m loving this week

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TP Link Tether App. I knew there had to be a way to shut the wifi off to certain devices in my home without shutting the modem off completely, which means Dan & I can’t watch Netflix or surf the web after the kids go to bed. Last week I discovered an app that works with my new TP Link wifi router and…voila…I’m able to turn wifi off on all the kids devices with a few taps on my smartphone. (Lauren, a.k.a. miss Sassy mouth…is screwed).

Image result for I’m sure this online retailer has been on my “things I’m loving” list before but I literally said “I love” out loud twice this week (got Lauren three lap suits for upcoming swim team season for $68 total….I think I paid more than that for her first lap suit at the Erie Sports Store two years ago).


‘yakking at sunset. We went to Shade’s Beach on Saturday night and kayaked in the lake at sunset…it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Definitely going to have to do that again.

Things I’m not loving this week

The way 45 treated Katy Tur. This Fresh Air podcast with reporter Katy Tur, who covered Donald Trump’s campaign, made me hate him even more than I already do….and I’d have never thought that was possible. Belittling her….threatening her in front of all his rabid rally fans…kissing her(!!!!)….I think I yelled “You, son of a bitch” at least 5 times.  (I also listened to this podcast about psychopaths on the Stuff You Should Know podcast — and 45 is like a textbook case. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a bonafide psychopath for our president. God Bless America, eh?).

Samsung Televisions. We bought a $600 55-inch Samsung smart TV in November. A month ago, it just stopped working. It’s under a 1-year warrantee, so Dan called the company. They sent out a repairman. It took longer than you’d think, but…whatever. Guy wasn’t even halfway down the road when the TV blinked out again. They are basically big computers now and he said something was causing something else to short/burn out and he’d have to call Samsung. They told us they’d replace the TV since it could not be repaired. Fine. We told them we wanted to buy an extended warrantee on it, given the trouble we’ve had with this one. They said fine. Then, they called back to tell Dan that they forgot to mention the replacement TV is a refurbished TV and only has a 3-month warrantee. Uh…no. So, Dan called BACK to say…no, not acceptable. They are now “checking the recordings” to see if he was told earlier that it would be replaced with a refurbished TV. They can check all the want, but…we’re not accepting a used TV (that was broken and repaired) in place of a new one that didn’t even last a year.

Novel narcolepsy. Soon as I crack open a book at night, I’m out. I can’t get through a half a chapter before my brain shuts the whole operation down for the night.