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Bullet Journal: Minimalism: Interview with Jousha Fields Millburn

Speaking of minimalism….

Scary Mommy: Our Obsession with Stuff and Status is Out of Control (This is so excellent and so on-par with my thoughts that it’s like she’s inside my head.)

“I prefer experiences to belongings, hands down. Too much stuff triggers my anxiety and clutter makes me ragey.”  (Again…me, too, the reason my home and office is neat and orderly is because clutter makes me anxious)

Deep Roots at Home: Reasons Today’s Kids Are Bored At School, Feel Entitled, Have Little Patience & Few Real Friends

HuffPost: The Thing All Women Do That You don’t Know About

Guys, this is what it means to be a woman. We are sexualized before we even understand what that means. We develop into women while our minds are still innocent. We get stares and comments before we can even drive. From adult men. We feel uncomfortable but don’t know what to do, so we go about our lives. We learn at an early age, that to confront every situation that makes us squirm is to possibly put ourselves in danger. We are aware that we are the smaller, physically weaker sex. That boys and men are capable of overpowering us if they choose to. So we minimize and we de-escalate.”