Things I’m loving this week:

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Heated seats. I bought my dad’s old car and it has heated seats and I knew the first time I fired that seat up under my fanny that I will never be able to go back to not having them. I wish I had heated seats at work….then I wouldn’t have to wrap myself in a fleece jacket and blanket every day.

Lauren’s new haircut. I love Lauren’s new shorter ‘do. Long hair is in, sure…but she didn’t take care of it and she never even put it up in a ponytail (except for swim), so it just sort of hung there.  This shorter cut is easy to take care of and so much more her.


You can see the tunnel opening behind us

The Allegheny River Trail. Friends invited us to join them on a bike ride down the Allegheny River Trail on Monday. I believe the trail goes from Franklin to Pittsburgh, though it’s got a few names as they were separate trails that were eventually connected together. We started in Emlenton, Pa. (about 90 minutes from Erie) because we wanted to go through the train tunnels that are about 7 miles and 11 miles from the start of the trail there. It was the perfect day for a bike ride and the trail is mostly shaded. We went through two long, very dark train tunnels (bring flashlights!) that was very cool, figuratively and literally. We biked about 14 miles up the trail before it diverged onto a dirt/stone path and we opted to turn around and head back.

Things I’m not loving this week:

Timmy Ho’s idea of “assorted”. Last Friday was my birthday and so when I went to Tim Horton’s that morning, I thought why not pick up a box of TimBits for me & the girls because…it’s my birthday. I feel like a jerk standing there pointing out with donut holes I want, so I always just say assorted. I got home and opened the box to find all 10 of them the plain, old, boring yellow glazed. Who likes plain glazed donuts? Boooooring.

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Plantation wedding fun. I frequently fall down Internet rabbit holes and on a recent deep dive after reading this GQ story about Dylan Roof (long, but…good …and also terrifying), I looked up a plantation that was mentioned in the story and learned that many of these former slave plantations in the south, but particularly in South Carolina, are used as special event venues,  like weddings. And, then I saw these photos and my jaw literally hit the keyboard. That’s a wedding party, peeking out of the windows of a slave home on the Boone Plantation which also features a quaint little walk down historical “Slave Street” and I was like….this is what is wrong with this f$%^ing country. This should be a source of deep national shame. But…no…we have wedding parties posing in the cabins where human beings who were treated like animals recovered from 18 hour workdays and whippings from their masters.  Humans likely BLED on those floors, and now…today….it’s a destination for some couples on what is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. That is f&*(^ed up, man.

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This country’s ridiculous war on immigration. I just want to scream: Do you realize we’re ALL immigrants. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. Unless you’re a native American, you don’t belong here either, so…  Diversity and dreamers are what has MADE this a great country. I just cannot believe how far we have fallen and how fast.

The west is ablaze, the east coast is under water, North Korea is threatening nuclear war, and 45 is busy coddling and cozying up to Russia, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists. God Bless America, eh?

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