Three things I’m loving this week

The Glass Castle movie. I loved the book and, so, I expected to be pretty disappointed in the movie. I was wrong. Woody Harrelson nailed it as did all the other characters, with the possible exception of Irma who just wasn’t as scary as she was in the book, but they didn’t have much time to spend on her, so…I can forgive that.  It’s a movie (and a book) that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It’s complicated…like life, and people. If you see it, stay for the credits — there are photos and video of the real Walls family.

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Underground Railroad by Colton Whitehead. I was on a long waiting list for this e-book and it was worth waiting for. It’s one of the few — if only — books I’ve ever finished within the two week loan period allotted to readers.  It was positively surreal to be reading this while the White Nationalists and Neo-Natzi racists showed up in Charlottesville to spread terror and messages of hatred (which is ultimately fear on their part). Imagine for one moment….what would’ve happened if that “rally” was a few hundred black men with torches.  From the book:

 “And America, too, is a delusion, the grandest one of all. The white race believes—believes with all its heart—that it is their right to take the land. To kill Indians. Make war. Enslave their brothers. This nation shouldn’t exist, if there is any justice in the world, for its foundations are murder, theft, and cruelty. Yet here we are.”

Live from San Francisco: How Malls Work public domain

Stuff You Should Know Podcast – Mall Episode. I run hot and cold on the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Some of the episodes are good, some are boring…sometimes the hosts annoy me, but this particular oldie about malls had me laughing out loud on more than a few occasions. One of their best, I’d say. Though….that may be because I was an ’80s kid who spent more than my share of Saturdays hanging out in the “pits” at the Millcreek Mall with my loser friends, a boom box, a pack of Newports (you could smoke indoors then) and Twisted Sister tapes.

Things I’m not loving this week

My God, where do I even start? I can’t. I just have no words for the disappointment and shame that I have for our country’s “leaders” right now. We’re 8 months into this egomaniac’s presidency and we’re on the brink of Nuclear War, colluding with our deepest enemy, health care costs are skyrocketing, and there are race riots in the streets.  I think it’s time to overthrow 45.

There are not two sides to racism and hatred: