Things I’m loving this week

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8 hours of sleep/vacation. I’m on vacation this week and, for me, the best thing about vacation (especially a staycation) is getting 8 full hours (or more) of sleep. My God, what a difference adequate sleep makes for my energy levels, attitude, and mood. If only I could maintain it when I go back to work, but…that would require going to bed at like 8:30 p.m. and that’s never going to happen, so….

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Perfect weather. I couldn’t have asked for more perfection vacation weather than this week. I’m not a fan of hot/humid weather, so this week with it’s warm, but pleasant temps and lots of sun and big fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky has been…simply perfect. I’m grateful.

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Hollyhocks. I used to have tons of these tall perennials lining my pool fence until one year, they all died. This year, I noticed a plant coming back and it bloomed high and proud. I’m letting it spread it seeds all over the flowerbed in hopes it multiplies next year.

Things I’m not loving this week

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Bad back.  I hurt my back sometime last week. I think it happened from sitting on an exercise ball at work all day Tuesday. I’m prone to issues since I had that “slipped disc” a few years ago. I went to my chiropractor on Friday and felt pretty great until I made matters worse — much worse — on Saturday when I was on my knees trying to flea treat a cat who did not want to be flea treated. I lunged for the cat and as soon as I landed on my elbows, I knew I’d made a colossal mistake. The pain was sharp and immediate…and long lasting. It’s put the kabash on most of my staycation plans that formerly involved doing lots of running, biking, swimming, and kayaking. Sucks. Big.

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This was me Monday morning

Computer/wifi issues. My big plan on Monday was to get up and get all my writing for the week done before noon. But…I spent most of the morning trying to fix the wifi. Sigh. I hate being the house IT person. I determined it was the ethernet cable, but…then, I had more issues on Wednesday, so a new wifi router is being delivered tomorrow. (Thank you, Amazon Prime.)

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Passport photos or mug shots? (They tell you NOT to smile)

Passport hassle/expenses. My inlaws are taking the whole fam damily to Cancun next year — woohoo! So, I’ve been hellbent on getting the girls’ passports taken care of this week and, getting Dan & my passports renewed and….wow…what a PITA! Dan can’t be there when we go to the post office, so I had to get a notarized document authorizing me to get a passport for Lauren since she’s under 16. Yesterday, we ran around getting photos — $46 for three of us — and now we have to go to the post office tomorrow afternoon to apply for the girls’ passports (renewals can only be done via mail…sigh) and fork over about $250 in fees. Sigh.  What a racket….