Things I’m loving this week

Spicy Zucchini Soup. Oh, my word, the quantity of zucchini coming out of the ONE plant I put in my garden is insane, but not entirely expected. I have an entire Pinterest board JUST for zucchini recipes so I can make use of the fruits….er, veggies…of my labor.  I recently whipped up this spicy zucchini soup with ingredients mostly collected from my yard (zucchini, onions, garlic, jalapenos, spearmint, cilantro, etc.) and it is delish!  I did not add the bread because: carbs. But, I did throw in a few breadcrumbs (because carbs don’t count is they’re really, really tiny, right?). The mint gives this a really unique flavor that is sort of odd and yet….really tasty.

Lion. I meant to see this movie back when it was in theaters and was nominated for an Oscar. But, you know that didn’t happen because we never see anything that isn’t animated or aimed at the under-18 set, so I was like…OK, I’ll just wait for it to get to Red Box. But, you know that didn’t happen because it requires me remembering to check Red Box when I go to Walmart through the side door so I can avoid the EVER PRESENT fundraisers at the main entrance. Finally, it came to Netflix and finally, we had a free Saturday night when there was nothing on regular TV and it was too wet for Dan to drag me out back for a bonfire. I put the movie on…and soon, Dan and both kids were as slack-jawed as I was at this unbelievable true story.  Definitely watch it.


Fresh food, right outside my door. I ❤ AUGUST, when fresh herbs, lettuce, and veggies are a few steps away from my kitchen.  Won’t be long till we’re swimming in three kinds of tomatoes — I’m already starting a Pinterest board.

Things I’m not loving this week


Waiting for his next victim. Based on his gaze, it might be me.

Killer cats. I’ve got two indoor-outdoor cats now and they are mass murders. I didn’t care much about the moles, voles, and mice, but….this week I’ve found two birds. And, that is pissing me off.  I’ve decided to stop feeding the birds, for their own safety….there’s plenty of natural food out there right now anyway.

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White House Drama. Entertaining? Sure. But, also gut-wrenchingly distressing and sad. How very far we have fallen. When will we hit bottom? What will it take to get out of this national nightmare?

People who don’t swear. I will never trust you.